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Ashe [userpic]
by Ashe (jisatsu_ganbu)
at August 24th, 2006 (08:52 am)

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Oh, what fun! Lovely idea, Shay.

Title: Oathbound
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Other Notable Books: Oathblood and Oathbreakers, all three parts of the Vows and Honor Trilogy.
Genre: High Fantasy, though the library seems to think it's Sci Fi ... for some reason.
Rating: *
Summary: The first novel in the series follows the adventures of Tarma, a Shin'a'in who has pledged herself to her Goddess to become the ultimate warrior - to take revenge on her fallen kinsman; and her oath-sister, Kethry, a magician who bears a sword that heeds the call of women in need.

Opinion: I always wanted to read Mercedes Lackey, and I think I should have picked a different book to start out with.

Honestly, I didn't even finish the novel, so I should have given it a 0, but there was enough interest worked into the plotline that I kept going until they were in the "worst of the worst," as it were. I enjoyed the characters on their own, but it was unclear to me how far their interactions were - I felt they weren't described enough - are they just oath-sisters? Lovers? WHAT?

I loved the idea of Kethry's sword, and the way she triumphed over past pain in the beginning. I absolutely loved the kree, the author's wolf-like invention of a familiar for Tarma. Generally speaking, the book was just too ... episodic. It didn't flow very well as one story, more as a collection of adventures. There was also a great focus on rape and "demonic" sex as a plot device, which I thought was far too much of a detractor from the main story.

I returned it to the library before finishing it, and I wasn't really that upset. So ... One Star?


Posted by: ShayShay -- [Mommy of Monster] (genuineillusion)
Posted at: August 24th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
broken // me

Mm. I'm glad you agree. xD

I suppose it deserves one star if it was fascinating. *shrug*

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