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Ashe [userpic]
by Ashe (jisatsu_ganbu)
at August 24th, 2006 (08:52 am)

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Oh, what fun! Lovely idea, Shay.

Title: Oathbound
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Other Notable Books: Oathblood and Oathbreakers, all three parts of the Vows and Honor Trilogy.
Genre: High Fantasy, though the library seems to think it's Sci Fi ... for some reason.
Rating: *
Summary: The first novel in the series follows the adventures of Tarma, a Shin'a'in who has pledged herself to her Goddess to become the ultimate warrior - to take revenge on her fallen kinsman; and her oath-sister, Kethry, a magician who bears a sword that heeds the call of women in need.

Opinion: I always wanted to read Mercedes Lackey, and I think I should have picked a different book to start out with.

Honestly, I didn't even finish the novel, so I should have given it a 0, but there was enough interest worked into the plotline that I kept going until they were in the "worst of the worst," as it were. I enjoyed the characters on their own, but it was unclear to me how far their interactions were - I felt they weren't described enough - are they just oath-sisters? Lovers? WHAT?

I loved the idea of Kethry's sword, and the way she triumphed over past pain in the beginning. I absolutely loved the kree, the author's wolf-like invention of a familiar for Tarma. Generally speaking, the book was just too ... episodic. It didn't flow very well as one story, more as a collection of adventures. There was also a great focus on rape and "demonic" sex as a plot device, which I thought was far too much of a detractor from the main story.

I returned it to the library before finishing it, and I wasn't really that upset. So ... One Star?

ShayShay -- [Mommy of Monster] [userpic]
The Other Boleyn Girl
by ShayShay -- [Mommy of Monster] (genuineillusion)
at August 19th, 2006 (04:53 pm)

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Title: The Other Boleyn Girl
Author: Philippa Gregory
Other notable books: The Queen's Fool
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: ***
Sweet Mary Boleyn - once forced by her family to become mistress to King Henry VIII [bearing him a daughter and a son]is usurped by her selfish and ambitious sister, Anne. Mary watches Anne make history - and destroy the family Boleyn forever. But in a family rife with incest, where the only thing that matters is how high you can get the family name, is Mary really happy? As Anne travels down the path of self-destruction Mary and her children find the happiness they never imagined.

Opinon: I would read this book before reading "The Queen's Fool," simply because it goes that way chronologically speaking. The book was just as amazing as "The Queen's Fool," the characters just as real, and the story just as fascinating. You can really tell why Mary hated Anne Boleyn so much, and you can see how Elizabeth really is just like her mother.

ShayShay -- [Mommy of Monster] [userpic]
Sample Entry
by ShayShay -- [Mommy of Monster] (genuineillusion)
at August 17th, 2006 (04:30 pm)

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Title: The Queen's Fool
Author: Philippa Gregory
Other notable books: N/A
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: ***
In a time when heretics are burning, Hannah is growing up in court as the queen's holy fool. She has fallen in love with her master, the treasonous Lord Robert & her loyalties lie torn between Queen Mary and the usurping Princess Elizabeth. She is betrothed to a man she does not realize she loves & their disastrous marriage only helps her find herself - and her love for him.

Opinion: Definitely worth the read. 500 pages of genius. You get frustrated at Hannah, and you pity her. You fall in love with Queen Mary, and you can appreciate Princess Elizabeth's perspective. I highly recommend this book. <33

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